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We are the busiest Vasectomy destination in Loudoun county, possibly the Greater Washington DC region.

More than 55 men and their spouses choose Dr Tajkarimi for their family planning every month. Vast majority are referrals from Dr. Taj’s vasectomy patients. That’s about 12-15 vasectomies a week. You can drive in yourself and drive out to your home. No fuss. Dr. Taj’s quick, pain-free & cost-effective technique has had 100% success for more than 16 years from day one. He does more vasectomies per week than some urologists perform in 3 months.
No surgery center fees, No anesthesia fees.

You don’t have to go to sleep or take Percocet and Valium before the procedure. It’s all about finesse, advanced instruments & technique. We do not compromise comfort however. You will hardly feel more than a “pinch”. Most patients watch TV or play with their phones during vasectomy. “We are done” is what they hear a few minutes later. We encourage your wife or girlfriend to be present during the procedure and hold your hand and watch everything.

Why not do vasectomies under IV sedation or at surgery center? Because with proper technique and local anesthesia, vasectomy is a truly “simple office procedure”.

We live in the age of high deductibles. Men getting vasectomies are generally healthy, so they typically are responsible for total cost of vasectomy out of pocket before insurance kicks in. Dr Tajkarimi can save you up to $5000 in insurance fees and deductibles! Some urologists prefer to perform vasectomy with IV sedation which is a completely acceptable alternative.

For self-pay patients we offer consultation, vasectomy, and post vasectomy semen analysis for only $980.

Dr. Taj offers painless, hassle free office vasectomy in our ultra-modern and luxurious Lansdowne clinic. We offer nitrous analgesia if you desire a “twilight” experience.

You should expect to return to normal activities within 3 days with minimal restrictions”, Dr. Taj says.

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