Laser Genital Whitening

WhitER® (In Office Laser Resurfacing on the Genital Area)


Genital Whitening

What is Genital Whitening?

It is the use of physical, chemical or mechanical means to perform a skin replacement, and to achieve a better, smoother, more pink skin, with a Younger appearance. In our Practice, I use the Laser Resurfacing Technique to achieve this.

Many women complain that their intimate areas are dark, or that they have been darkening over time, after pregnancy, or by the use of depilatory waxes or shaving.

This leads to the woman looking for changes in skin color or Whitening of the Zone. The Laser Technology can make a mechanical peel by vaporization of the superficial layer of the epithelium of the genitals, and with the use of depigmenting substances decrease the production of Melanin (Skin Pigment that gives the color).

Procedure Time:
10 Minutes


Recovery Time:
2 Hours

Down Time:
12 Hours

Final Results:
6 Months


It is suggested to start with this type of therapy at home, about 21-25 days before starting with photonic therapy. Depending on the skin phototype or the degree of hyperpigmentation, 4 to 6 laser treatments will be done (1 monthly session).

It is a slow treatment because it is a sensitive area, with high humidity, high friction and therefore the treatment is much slower.


1 Monthly Session , 3-4 Session is suggested for a full treatment. Laser Hair removal of the Area is advised to help achieve faster and lasting results.


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