Gräfenberg (G) – Point – Spot

G – Area (Spot) Amplification


G – Area (Spot) Amplification

Point G, ended up coined by Perry and Whipple in 1981 to the area described by Sexologist Ernest Gräfenberg in 1950 in his article on “The role of the female urethra in Orgasm”, area of ​​the anterior vagina wall, where the Spongy urethra or part of it and where the Skene Glands are found that can cause high levels of sexual arousal and strong orgasms.

Point G

If the patient has knowledge of this area, she knows how to improve the friction during the intercourse of this area, without a doubt the extension of Point G, in this patient it is great, because it will improve the sexual interaction and friction on the surface, making her gratification increase sexual enhancement.

Amplification of the area can be achieved using different substances injected directly in the dermis.

  • Using PRP, With your Own Grow Factors.
    • Safe and Effective from your Own Blood. 

Procedure Time:
25 Minutes


Recovery Time:

Down Time:
3 Days No Sex

Final Results:
1 Week

6 – 12 Months

Patient is left alone in the cubicle to massage and find the exact location of maximum pleasure in her vaginal canal, so we can target that area and leave the filler to expand that area making it more easier to get friction during the sexual intercourse.


1 Session every 6 – 12 Months


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